The Festival of Israeli Dance and Culture – Polin Rokedet

On June 15-18, 2017 took place
“The Festival of Israeli Dance and Culture – Polin Rokedet”
organized by the Living Bridge Foundation in cooperation with the Strefa Dialogu Foundation and the Sport Plus Association
under the patronage of the Israeli Embassy in Poland
with the financial support of the Dutch Humanitarian Fund

During the Festival, a series of activities aimed at bringing the Israeli and Jewish culture closer to the participants, inspiring them to take discussions and allowing them to make new friendships including:
– Israeli dance workshops on three levels
– Artistic, culinary and language workshops
– Workshops of Jewish and Israeli songs
– An exhibition of photographs of “Israel Yesterday and Today”, made available by the Israeli Embassy in Poland
– Screening of the movie “Matchmaker” as part of the Israeli Embassy Film Club in Poland with a discussion
– Lecture and workshop on the Shabbat tradition
– Cafe Rokedet

Over 160 participants from around the world took part in the Festival, including Poland, Israel, France, Estonia, USA, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Great Britain, Norway). Thank you all for the great atmosphere, constant support and your enthusiasm.

Look forward to seeing you next year 🙂






20 Jun 2017

Polin Rokedet – Israeli Dance and Culture Festiwal


We warmly invite everybody to take part in the Polin Rokedet Festival of Israeli Dance and Culture on 15-18.06.2017 !!!

We plan Israeli folk dance classes on three levels of advancement, classes for children, arts&crafts and culinary workshops, singing and voice emission, lectures, discussion and many other attractions.

30 Mar 2017

Past and Present – Dialogue with History and Culture

The project carried out in cooperation with the Foundation for International Economic Integration and Cultural Tourism and the Sparkpro Organization from Israel, with the co-financing by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Poland within the framework of the International Youth Exchange Program, aimed at establishing contacts between students and teachers from Poland and Israel. Weekly visit of participants from Israel in Stoczek Łukowski, Warsaw and Lublin included a series of meetings with the local community (youth, teachers and educators, representatives of local governments, educational and cultural institutions, social organizations). During the workshops, discussions, study visits and the concluding conference program, the topics of intercultural dialogue, Polish-Jewish and Polish-Israeli relations were discussed. Participants also deepened their skills during the workshops devoted to e-volunteering. They had the opportunity to discover together the touristic values ​​of the visited regions and places commemorating the mutual history of the two nations.

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07 Jan 2017

Leaders of Democracy- completing the study visit in Poland

On 9.11.2016 we said goodbye to the participants of the study visit in Poland carried out as a part of the project Leaders of the Democracy, which was co-financed by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland. During the 10-days study visit participants from Israel, 15 representatives of opinion-forming circles, social leaders and young professionals from the area of the public diplomacy got to know contemporary Poland, Polish-Israeli relations and Polish-Jewish history. The meetings were concentrated around issues of the development of the young people’s engagement into the civil society, protection of human rights and the inter-religious dialogue.

Participants from Israel met with repreliderzy-demokracji-2016sentatives of opinion-forming circles, social leaders, young professionals and students from Poland. Together they carried out stimulating workshops to create new concepts aim to strength Polish-Israeli cooperation, solving social issues and increasing the active citizenship of young people. Beside that they underwent the sequence of visits in cultural institutions so as the Museum of the History of Polish Jews POLIN, the Museum of the Warsaw Uprising and the European Centre of the Solidarity in Gdańsk. They also met with representatives of the Foreign Affairs Ministry – Mr Rafał Perl and Mr Sebastian Rejak, as well as with the Deputy Minister of Culture, Parliament member Jarosław Sellin.
During the project many valuable contacts were established between participants from Poland and Israel which have a great potential for the continuation of the cooperation in future.


Project co-financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland
Leaders of Democracy

10 Nov 2016



  Social  innovations in the cradle of the Solidarity


 The international conference
on Polish-Israeli cooperation in developing community leadership and democracy




Gdansk University
Bażyńskiego 4 St.

Hall 411

9:30-12:30 Workshops
13:30-16:30 Presentations



Conference is a part of the project Leaders od Democracy co-financed by
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Republic of Poland

06 Nov 2016

We have started the project “Leaders of Democracy”

July 1 we have started preparations for the implementation of the project “Leaders of Democracy”


The project aim is to conduct a study visit for representatives and opinion leaders, community leaders and young professionals in the area of public diplomacy from Israel in Poland. Their goal is to better understand Polish history and culture. In particular as regards the involvement of Polish democracy, the creation of civil society and the development of intercultural dialogue. An extremely important element will be the including in the activities, in particular workshops and discussions, Poles with professional interests as much as possible equivalent to those of the Israeli participants.

Leaders of DemocracyIn result the project is supposed to help to establish contacts between representatives and opinion leaders, community leaders and young professionals from Polish and Israel, to get to know each other exchange of a good practices and  to development of further cooperation among  both countries.  The expected effect will also be overcoming mutual prejudices and stereotypes to create a common future. After completion of study visits assume further steps towards multiplication of the project results among a wide range of people who have a personal or professional contact with direct beneficiaries of tasks.



In July a recruitment process for participants from Israel was held. From 48 applications, after the interviews 15 were selected, who will arrive in November to Poland for 10-day seminar.


Project is co-financed by the The Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Poland

 Leaders of Democracy

30 Sep 2016

Hadassa College Study Visit to Warsaw

Study visit of students and lecturers of Hadassa Academic College in Jerusalem to Warsaw took place on 17-24 Hadassa College Study Visit 2016 (10)May 2016. Our guests during 8th days were extending their knowledge in the field of public diplomacy and political sciences both in theoretical and practical dimension, basing on both countries experience on establishing Polish-Israeli relations. Other subjects raised during the seminar included Polish-Jewish common history and acknowledging with contemporary Poland. The activities provided during the seminar included lectures and presentations as well as study visits in various state institutions (Polish Parliament, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Institute of National Remembrance), educational institutions (European Academy of Diplomacy), museums (Warsaw Rising Museum, Museum of History of Polish Jews) and meetings with Jewish organizations (Jewish Community Centre). During the time spended in Warsaw Israelis a few times had possibility to meet with Polish peers, common workshops and discussions. They also took part in International Korczak Seminar, which took place in UNESCO Janusz Korczak Chair in the Maria Grzegorzewska University in Warsaw.


31 May 2016

Dance workshops Polin Rokedet

Dance workshops Polin Rokedet showed me that at any age you can learn something new, especially something so different from everyday life in which we live. They were for me as a window through which I could look at another world: the world of imagination and art, beautiful music, which was combined with dance triggers, wonderful emotions and spiritual experiences. I could not only admire others as customary admires artists on stage, but most of all I was involved by myself in the creation of a dance performance. Dance allows to have a different look at each yourself, learn an acceptance of self, own body, which is “running” to “higher purpose”. Our profiles become graceful, moving to the rhythm of enchanting melodies and our legs “same tore up” to dance. Large selection of melodies and dances gave the chance to find something suitable for every person, but in fact they were all charming and sank a lasting memory. Well, what did I remember from the workshops? Great atmosphere created by the organizers and the Israeli dance teachers, who together created the offbeat, thrilling and magical world. World where you want to go back next year and even more quickly to experience it again with the other participants, which we met. A magnet of this place were also exceptional people, enthusiasts coming from various parts of Poland and the whole world, with whom joined us dancing. We felt like in a real community, where we have created a single common language understandable to all of us: body language. It was worth it to experience it all even for a few moments!

Kasia  Zawadka – participant of Polin Rokedet  2016


06 May 2016

Closer to each other. Education and dialogue in a culturally composite group

Closer to each other. Education and dialogue in a culturally composite groupWe are presenting to a reader book Closer to each other. Education and dialogue in a culturally composite group. The book includes articles prepared within the framework of the “Leadership Program” – Seminars for Israeli Educators in Poland” and have been presented at the conference “Closer to each other. Education and Dialogue in a culturally Composite Group” that took place on 9th November 2015 as well as during the substantive preparatory meetings. Authors of the articles presented the issue of cultural diversity from their own research perspective. They reveal the complexity of intercultural dialogue and its numerous entanglements- ideological, political and educational contexts. Articles form a coherent narrative are showing the need to build a “living bridges” between nations, societies and generations. In terms of content articles include three problem groups. The first group takes into account the theory and practice in intercultural education, the second – teaching a common Polish-Jewish history and its implications for the current Polish-Israeli relations and, finally, the third describes the educational innovations occurring in Poland and Israel. The book is complemented with selected reflections of participants – the students of partner universities participating in the project and enriched by photo-relation from the project activities. The most important field of analysis been done is an intercultural education. This is the term for both educational activities aimed at raising awareness on the problems of minorities settling in countries with a higher standard of living than their country of origin, as well as the problems of vanishing cultures, opportunities and barriers to the creation of societies open to cultural difference. It was therefore concluded that we should speak about interculturality not only in relation to societies accepting immigrants.

Closer to each other. Education and dialogue in a culturally composite group  – link


16 Jan 2016

Reflections of participatnts.

Reflections of participatnts. Ladership program 2015 seminar for Israeli&Polish educators in Poland




10 Dec 2015