Past and Present – Dialogue with History and Culture

The project carried out in cooperation with the Foundation for International Economic Integration and Cultural Tourism and the Sparkpro Organization from Israel, with the co-financing by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Poland within the framework of the International Youth Exchange Program, aimed at establishing contacts between students and teachers from Poland and Israel. Weekly visit of participants from Israel in Stoczek Łukowski, Warsaw and Lublin included a series of meetings with the local community (youth, teachers and educators, representatives of local governments, educational and cultural institutions, social organizations). During the workshops, discussions, study visits and the concluding conference program, the topics of intercultural dialogue, Polish-Jewish and Polish-Israeli relations were discussed. Participants also deepened their skills during the workshops devoted to e-volunteering. They had the opportunity to discover together the touristic values ​​of the visited regions and places commemorating the mutual history of the two nations.

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