We have started the project “Leaders of Democracy”

July 1 we have started preparations for the implementation of the project “Leaders of Democracy”


The project aim is to conduct a study visit for representatives and opinion leaders, community leaders and young professionals in the area of public diplomacy from Israel in Poland. Their goal is to better understand Polish history and culture. In particular as regards the involvement of Polish democracy, the creation of civil society and the development of intercultural dialogue. An extremely important element will be the including in the activities, in particular workshops and discussions, Poles with professional interests as much as possible equivalent to those of the Israeli participants.

Leaders of DemocracyIn result the project is supposed to help to establish contacts between representatives and opinion leaders, community leaders and young professionals from Polish and Israel, to get to know each other exchange of a good practices and  to development of further cooperation among  both countries.  The expected effect will also be overcoming mutual prejudices and stereotypes to create a common future. After completion of study visits assume further steps towards multiplication of the project results among a wide range of people who have a personal or professional contact with direct beneficiaries of tasks.



In July a recruitment process for participants from Israel was held. From 48 applications, after the interviews 15 were selected, who will arrive in November to Poland for 10-day seminar.


Project is co-financed by the The Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Poland

 Leaders of Democracy