Living Bridge Foundation was established in August 2012 by a notarion deed and registered by Polish court in August 2013 in the Register of Associations, other Social and Professional Organizations, Foundationa and Private Healthcare Centres.


The goals of the Foundation are:

Promoting international, intercultural and interreligious dialog;

Breaking existing stereotypes and prejudices and preventing arising new once as well as carrying out scientific research about the process of creating stereotypes and prejudices and effectiveness of methods aiming to minimalise their negative results;

Creating a platform for shaping constructive relations between Poles and other nations;

Actions in favour of strengthening and developing positive Polish-Israeli and Polish-Jewish relations;

Promoting positive image of Poland;

Promoting Polish culture and knowledge about Poland abroad;

Fighting the signs of discrimination;

Shaping leadership skills;

Promoting knowledge about culture and customs of other national and ethnic groups;

Developing cooperation on international level;

Popularising the idea of tolerance and mediation;

Developing and reinforcing attitudes set to the active cooperation in the development of civil society;

Supporting and empowering young peole in developing their potential.

Foundation Finance its activities from grants get from city, municipality and state institutions, European Union structures, donations from other institutions and private donors as well as from business activities and paid statut activities.