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Dance workshops Polin Rokedet

Dance workshops Polin Rokedet showed me that at any age you can learn something new, especially something so different from everyday life in which we live. They were for me as a window through which I could look at another world: the world of imagination and art, beautiful music, which was combined with dance triggers, wonderful emotions and spiritual experiences. I could not only admire others as customary admires artists on stage, but most of all I was involved by myself in the creation of a dance performance. Dance allows to have a different look at each yourself, learn an acceptance of self, own body, which is “running” to “higher purpose”. Our profiles become graceful, moving to the rhythm of enchanting melodies and our legs “same tore up” to dance. Large selection of melodies and dances gave the chance to find something suitable for every person, but in fact they were all charming and sank a lasting memory. Well, what did I remember from the workshops? Great atmosphere created by the organizers and the Israeli dance teachers, who together created the offbeat, thrilling and magical world. World where you want to go back next year and even more quickly to experience it again with the other participants, which we met. A magnet of this place were also exceptional people, enthusiasts coming from various parts of Poland and the whole world, with whom joined us dancing. We felt like in a real community, where we have created a single common language understandable to all of us: body language. It was worth it to experience it all even for a few moments!

Kasia  Zawadka – participant of Polin Rokedet  2016


06 May 2016